RDIRCS has considerable experience in development of intelligent control systems for various objects and systems. Particularly, in our institute successful development is demonstrated by scientific schools specializing in unstable modes, fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks and some other intelligent technologies used for control of autonomous vehicles.

The researchers of our institute have implemented a series of research and development projects creating control systems with software and algorithms based on the above-listed intelligent technologies.




Control Systems Based on Artificial Neural Networks

Intelligent path-planners are used for motion control in vehicles of diverse nature and can be implemented using neural-like structures

Control Systems Based on Unstable Modes

Intelligent vehicle control can be implemented using unstable modes. This type of control has a functionality of finding a way out of difficult situations.


Position-Path Control Systems Based on Grapho-Analytical Methods and Search Algorithms

Intelligent path planners for vehicles functioning in non-determined environments based on grapho-analytical methods can operate receiving the data about the environment from sensors with a limited range and reception sector.

Position-Path Control Systems based on Fuzzy Logic

The systems of intelligent vehicles control based on fuzzy logic are created by means of modeling the decision-making processes of an operator under the conditions of uncertainty.


Systems of Vehicle’s Group Control

Systems of intelligent control for a group of vehicles based on unstable modes, fuzzy logic and grapho-analytical methods make it possible to solve a wide spectrum of tasks under the conditions of uncertainty.

Control of Systems of Distribution, Generation and Transportation of Electrical Energy

The systems of intelligent control of energy systems allow for an increase in quality and stability of power systems in normal and extreme conditions, increase in reliability, effectiveness and safety of the power grid. Besides, it becomes possible to decentralize power generation and to optimize energy consumption.