AUV Model

Control Systems and Navigation for Marine Robots

An important task of the modern marine robotics is development of design methods for autonomous underwater vehicles (UAV) functioning in an environment non-formalized a priori. Synergetic approach and neural-like networks are used for generation of behavior strategies and performing motions. The authors have performed more than 10 R&D projects and created a control system for a typical AUV.

Control and Navigation Systems for Boats and Yachts

Development of autonomous robotic system for a surface mini-ship ensuring autonomous and remote control motion, information collection, data exchange with a control unit and control of on-board systems.


Modeling Systems and Training Centers

The imitation modeling systems are used in research and design of control systems for watercrafts. Their goal is to test the algorithms and software without full-scale tests. Modeling allows us to determine the necessary upgrading of units and system elements and gives us a visual demonstration of the research results. The modeling software creates a possibility to perform imitation modeling of a watercraft with a control system based on the developed mathematical models and control algorithms.