Head Oleg Viktorovich Martianov

Interdepartmental Working Group of BOARD OF the Russian Federation Military-Industrial Commission

In order to develop advanced technical requirements for robotic systems, as well as the creation, improvement and development of military and special robotics
Head of the Interdepartmental working group (IWG): board member of the Russian Federation Military-Industrial Commission Oleg Viktorovich Martianov
 «Control systems» Section Leader of IWG: Director of the Research and Development Institute of Robotics and Control System of the Southern Federal University PSHIHOPOV Vyacheslav Hasanovich.


1. Proposals for the development of the classification scheme of robotics and its basic elements;

2. Preparation of the section “Robotic control system” of program “Priority works on development of key technologies needed to build a new generation of robotic systems”

3. Proposals to improve personnel training in the design and application of robotic systems of military, special and civil purposes