Пшихопов Вячеслав Хасанович

Head – PSHIKHOPOV Vyacheslav Hasanovich

Expert Council of the National center of technology development and the basic elements of robotics

Head of Expert Council: Director of the Research and Development Institute of Robotics and Control System of the Southern Federal University PSHIHOPOV Vyacheslav Hasanovich
 National Center of technology development and the basic elements of robotics, established by RF Presidential Decree on 12.16.2015, № 623. The center was established and operates under the auspices of the Foundation for Advanced Studies. Currently, Expert Council, which aims to support the development of the key technologies in the field of perspective robotics, and the Council of the head developers, which aims to support the industrial feasibility of breakthrough technology offers by the defense industry enterprises, were established and successfully operate as parts of the center.
1. The examination of the monitoring results of research and development works (projects) on the development of robotic complexes and their basic elements based on a single system approach;

2. The examination of selected by the National Center of innovative scientific and technological ideas, advanced design and technological solutions for the development of key technologies of robotic complexes;

3. The examination of applications for the development of effective components of Russian production robotics;

4. Analysis of the test results of robotic complexes and their basic elements;

5. Proposals preparation for the unification and standardization of components (modules) of robotic complexes and robotics technologies.