From 6 to 11 September 2016 the Second International Military Technical forum “ARMY-2016” was held at the recreational park “Patriot” located at the town Kubinka (Moscow region). According to official media, more than half a million people have visited this event during the 6b days. The forum united more than 80 countries, 35 of which were represented by official delegations. Thirteen countries were represented by the senior military officers, 22 delegations were led by the Chiefs of General Staff and deputy defense ministers.

The delegation of RDIRCS of SFEDU (Pshikhopov V.Kh., Medvedev M.U., Kosenko E.U., Devitt D.V.) took part in this event and presented the perspective developments on the area of intelligent robotic complexes of military, special and dual use:

  • Control system for a robotic helicopter;
  • System for control, navigation and communication of robotic airships;
  • System of position-path control and intelligent planning of motion of unmanned boats and autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles;
  • Software-hardware complex for modeling the motions and developing control technologies for robotic complexes based on underwater objects.

2The visitors were especially interested in the development of RDIRCS called “Integrated informational-controlling environment for modeling, estimation of effectiveness, virtual modeling of applications of robotic complexes and systems of military, special and dual-use”. The proposed development can be effectively used in solution of the following types of tasks:

  • - Determine functional and quantitative composition of robotic complexes to ensure guarantied mission completion.
  • - Determine the probable outcome of the combat for a specific mission with a specific functionality and size of robotic complexes.
  • - Obtain the most effective action tactics (scenarios) for a group of robotic complexes combat for a specific mission with a specific functionality and size of robotic complexes.

- Estimate effectiveness of the individual types of robotic complexes in a group to find out the most perspective directions of robotic complexes development.

img_20160908_115509A round table discussion was organized on the topic “Major technologies of military robotic complexes – current state and development prospects. The goal of this event was to highlight the most perspective directions for development of the key technologies and basic elements of military robotic complexes oriented on increasing the warfare capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The session was attended by more than 100 people. During this meeting Prof. Medvedev has made a presentation entitled “Perspective control technologies for autonomous robotic complexes”. As a result of the discussion everyone supported the initiative to start a pilot project estimating the state and development perspectives of the key industrial technologies for development of military robotic complexes and their basic elements. RDIRCS of SFEDU will be in charge of the section “Control of Robotic Complexes”

Additionally the colleagues from our institute took part in the round table “Ways to improve autonomy of the robotic complexes” organized by the Main scientific research and test center for robotics of the Russian Defense Ministry. The representatives of this organization are planning to visit Taganrog to get acquainted with the perspective developments of RDIRCS.

This decision emphasizes the contribution of RDIRCS into the development of the key technologies for creation of the new generations of robotic complexes of various types that are able to compete with the leading world enterprises. img_20160906_120247 img_20160906_120826_hdr img_20160906_121535_hdr img_20160906_124415