Elsevier publishing house has released a monograph written by a group of authors from the Research and Development Institute of Robotics and Control Systems. The work is entitled “Path Planning for Vehicles Operating in Uncertain 2D Environments“ and was written under the editorship of Prof. V.H.Pshikhopov.

The book addresses solution of path planning problems for vehicles operating in flat uncertain environments and presents analysis of almost all the known path-planning methods developed using unstable motion modes, virtual fields method, Voronoi diagrams, fuzzy logic, grapho-analytical search, neural networks, neural-like structures, and procedures of genetic search. The authors performed a sophisticated qualitative and quantative comparison of effectiveness for the listed methods. The book’s target audience includes specialists in robotics, and mobile robot control systems.

Elsevier is one of the world’s major providers of scientific technical information. Publication of our monograph by this leading publishing house is the sign of appreciation of the achievements of the Southern Federal University within the action of broadening scientific search in “Robotics, communication, and navigation systems”.