From 15th to 17th of October 2016, an official delegation of representatives of science and industry of the Chinese People’s Republic and JSC “Rosoboroneksport” has visited the Southern Federal University. The meeting was held at the Scientific Research Institute of Robotics and Control Processes of SFEDU.

The delegation included:

      • Jiang Yuanqin, representative of КЗ УС ГУРВВТ ЦВС (PRC)

representatives of the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC):

      • Xu Zongxin, chief scientist CETC (PRC)

      • Xu Changhong, professor of CETC (PRC)

      • Li Fen, highest rank engineer (PRC)

representatives of (East China Research Institute of Electronic Engineering (ECRIEE):

      • Wang Peimei, Deputy Department Chair, ECRIEE (PRC)

      • Tan Baihe, highest rank engineer ECRIEE (PRC)

      • Zhou Meng, highest rank engineer ECRIEE (PRC)

      • Cui Zhunlin, highest rank engineer ECRIEE (PRC)

      • Lin Huixian highest rank engineer ECRIEE (PRC)

      • Wan Pinan, highest rank engineer ECRIEE (PRC)

      • Shen Xueluan, engineer, ECRIEE (PRC)

representative of the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences):

      • Yang Yumin, professor CIAS CAS (PRC);
        representative of JSC “Rosoboronexport”;
      • Paikov Nikolay Alexandrovich, chief expert of JSC “Rosoboronexport”;

Purpose of visit was to establish long-term collaboration in the area of creation of a stratospheric platform. During the organized meetings, the academics of RDIRCS made presentations concerning the solution of the following problems:

  • design of a high altitude airship;

  • design of control systems for navigation, motion planning automatic takeoff and landing of a high-altitude airship;

  • modeling and development of a control system for a high altitude airship;

  • automatic selection of a landing site in a preset region;

  • Hardware and software implementation of the main systems of the airship; and

  • development and production of the ground control unit for the airship

The chief scientist of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) Mr. Xu Zongxin and his colleagues gave a high estimation of the scientific and technical potential of the RDIRCS. As a result of the discussions we’ve outlined the main collaboration areas related to development of effective algorithms of high-altitude airships control in various operation modes and development of the related software. An intention was expressed to create an airship flight simulator for the Chinese colleagues to solve the control problems for high-altitude airships.

It is significant that RDIRCS has an experience of successful projects on this topic completed for Russian and foreign partners. Particularly, the following projects were performed:

  • Control navigation and communication system for a prototype of an unmanned LTA platform located in near space. Development, production and delivery. The project was commissioned by the China National Space Administration.

  • Development of a multilayered transport system based on stratospheric airships – “MAAT – Multibody Advanced Airship for Transport”. The project was commissioned by the European FP7 Framework Programme.

  • Development of a pilot project for creation of a navigation system, control system, communication and data transmission for an unmanned stratospheric airship for long patrolling and informational support air and space defence. The project was commissioned by JSC “Aeronautical center “Avgur”

At the end of the visit, the delegation reviewed the advanced achievements of SFEDU in the area of nanomaterials by visiting the Nanotechnologies Center of SFEDU. They also visited the “Echoless chamber” laboratory working in the area of communication systems and navigation. And the final spot was the campus of SFEDU ITA.
The visit of the Chinese delegation is the sign of acknowledgement of the international level of the achievements and accomplishments of RDIRCS of SFEDU in the area of creation of intelligent robotic complexes of a broad range of deployment.

This meeting became the next step directed to the development of fruitful collaboration of RDIRCS with the representatives of science and industry of the Chinese People’s Republic during the common work on the joint scientific, research and development projects.

As a result of the reciprocal visit of the Russian scientists to China it is planned to discuss the technical specifications and contract documents.