All-Russian research and practice conference “ADVANCED SYSTEMS AND OBJECTIVES OF CONTROL”

(“Dombai Conference”)

Chairman of Organizing Committee: board member of the Russian Federation military-industrial complex Oleg Viktorovich Martianov

Base organization: Research and Development Institute of Robotics and Control System of the Southern Federal University

The conference is held since 2005.

Purpose: monitoring, analysis and generalization of the results of fundamental and applied scientific researches and innovations of leading Russian companies, research organizations and universities in the field of robotics of weapons, military and special equipment, aimed at clarifying the key areas and critical technologies to provide scientific – technical and technological breakthroughs in the creation of the new generation robotic systems.
Co-organizers: the Board of the Russian Federation Military-Industrial Commission, the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian Interior Ministry, EMERCOM of Russia, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Russian FSB, the Foundation of Advanced Studies, leading universities and institutions of the Russian Ministry, Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations, Russian Academy of Sciences, the leading specialized magazines “Mechatronics, Automation and Control”, “SPIIRAS Proceedings», «Proceedings of SFU. Technical sciences».


 Robotic complexes (systems) of the military, special and dual purpose
Medical Robotics
Problems and tasks of robotic systems use of various deployment
Intelligent and adaptive control systems, including group
Energetics of robotic systems
Communication and data transfer
Navigation and guidance systems
Internal state sensors, drives and manipulators
Vision Systems