In the process of robot systems creation it is necessary to use the tools for analytical and imitation modeling to determine the required nomenclature, tactical and technical parameters, the methods of control and interaction with the traditional means and forces.


Goals and Tasks


The project goal is to create an integrated informational and controlling environment for solution of tasks of increasing the effectiveness of design and operation of perspective domestic robot systems of civil and military use (PRS MU) and of the intelligent control systems both for stand-alone robots and integrated systems as a whole.


  • analytical review of development of the domestic and foreign PRS MU and key basic technologies for their creation;
  • development of methods of validating the parameters of the PRS MU that should satisfy the required functional, design, tactical and technical requirements;
  • development of methods estimating effectiveness of performing the combat scenarios and tactics of PRS MU application;
  • development of methods of designing the PRS MU outlook and requirements to its main subsystems including software-hardware tools of the intelligent control systems, interfaces, navigation and communication systems;
  • development of a prototype of a software-hardware modeling suite for PRS MU.



Capabilities of the system

  • Three-level adjustable models of virtual prototypes of robot systems.
  • Models database for domestic and foreign robot systems.
  • Adjustable scenario allows to change the number, dimensions of the protected areas, detection areas, number and type of robot systems.
  • Modifiable algorithms of planning and control for top, middle and actuator level for every robot system represented by a separate software module with  specified interfaces.
  • Presenting the results in a form of 3D scenes and graphs.
  • Calculating the probability of reaching the set goal, estimating the amount of resources used to complete the misison, losses incurred, time required to complete the mission



Additional materials

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