Starting September 8th the South Federal University hosted the guests from various regions of Russia within the framework of the All-Russian engineering festival. The students studying various in various fields related to the most requested branches of science competed challenging their knowledge, skills and abilities to solve professional tasks, testing their creative thinking and team work.

One of the most interesting parts of the festival was the robotics section located at the SFEDU Engineering-Technical Academy. This large-scale event was organized by the faculty of RDIRCS (Institute director – V.Kh.Pshikhopov) ane the electrical engineering and mechatronics department chaired by Prof. M.U.Medvedev).
The contest was conducted in four divisions: robot dancing, labyrinth, path-following, sumo. Over 90 young technicians (54 participants – students of the Russian colleges, 44 – high school students of the Rostov region and Krasnodar Krai) tested themselves as programmers and constructors of the modern robotic devices. Besides the competition itself, the young developers used the ability to get a professional advice of the scientists whose scientific and practical activity is directly related to development of the robotic devices of civil and military use. In their spare time the participants attended the master-classes of the “Aviton” company on the topic “Programmin a drive controller for robotic devices of a new generation using the example of EPOS 4 by Maxon motor”.
The festival ended with a gala ceremony where the winners of the nominations received diplomas and valuable prizes.

It’s important to mention that this event is a serious step on the way to improving the educational system both higher and secondary accounting for the modern needs. In future, the administration of the RDIRCS plans to conduct these competitions on a regular basis and on a global scale making them all-Russian and inviting experts from arms industry and leading enterprises in the area of robotics. The tasks for these contests will become more complicated while they become oriented on innovational approaches and strategies important for our country: medical robotics, space technology, robotics for extreme environments.